Who We Serve

Nurture Birth Cooperative is on a mission to provide families in the greater Sacramento, California, area with support through their pregnancy and birth journeys. We are here to serve birthing families and help them achieve control over their own birth stories. Whether you need financial aid to have a birth outside of the traditional hospital setting, need help adjusting to life after birth, or are facing unforeseen prenatal and postpartum expenses, we are here to serve and support your family with doulas, funding, and fee assistance. Learn more about our core areas of service.


Convenient Healthcare Services

Out-of-Hospital Births

We provide funding assistance for families who desire out-of-hospital birth. This includes fee assistance for birth taking place in a birth center or home birth setting.

Currently accepting applications from the greater Sacramento, California, area only.

In-Home Postpartum Support

We provide assistance for in-home doula postpartum care for families who need additional support after birth, such as single-parent families, twin, and cesarean births.

Currently accepting applications from the greater Sacramento, California, area only.

Prenatal and Postpartum Services

We provide funding for families to seek care such as, prenatal chiropractic and massage, postpartum therapy, lactation consulting, and infant care services.

Currently accepting applications from the greater Sacramento, California area only.

Birth Services

Out-of-Hospital Births

A growing number of families prefer an out-of-hospital birth experience where they have more control over their birth preferences and better outcomes for low-risk mothers and babies. Unfortunately, insurance and economic barriers often stand in the way of making this dream a reality. We support families with funding and fee assistance for birth centers or in-home birth settings.

In Home Births

A landmark study on home births confirmed the safety and overwhelmingly positive outcomes for mothers and babies in midwife-assisted planned home births. 

Birth Centers

The number of families choosing free-standing birth centers increased 83% over the previous decade. Birth centers have excellent outcomes for babies and mothers.

In-Home Postpartum Support

Many families need some additional postpartum support after birth. Families with a single-parent, deployed military spouse, twins and mutiples, cesarean section deliveries, parents with illnesses, and other family situations often need extra support in the days and weeks following birth. We help families with funding and doula assistance for these and other in-home postpartum situations, either in home or with licensed postpartum professionals.

Postpartum Professionals

The weeks following birth are a critical time for the well-being of mothers and babies. Postpartum support can help with Mother-baby bonding, feeding and lactation support, emotional well-being, and more.

Some Families Need Extra Support

Women with a high risk of postpartum depression, cesarean, or medical issues, single parents, and parents of twins can benefit from extra support.

Prenatal and Postpartum Services

Pregnancy and birth are not always a time of joy for families. For some, there are circumstances that make it incredible stressful. For these families, we provide funding to obtain prenatal and postpartum services that are not always covered by insurance. 

Prenatal Services

We provide funding for prenatal massage, chiropractic and mental health therapy.

Postpartum Services

We provide funding for postpartum counseling, lactation consulting, newborn chiropractic and bowen/massage and tongue tie revisions.